The Fuzz Speech

Most people who use a chi exercise machine find the experience is really enjoyable. It's not just a chore that you have to do because it's something you think you ought to do. Some things we do simply because we've been told it's good for our health - but we don't really enjoy them while it's happening.

So it's great to discover a really good explanation of why using your chi machine every day IS fundamentally VERY good for your health.

This amazing video from Gil Hedley shows him working with a cadaver - that's right, a dead human body - and no chi machine in sight...!

But I think you'll understand from what he shows just how it is essential to give your body plenty of chance to enjoy movement throughout all the muscle groups in your body, and the fascia between them.

And if you're not sure what fascia is and how it works (and why it's so important to keep it moving freely), this is the best possible and most graphic explanation I've ever seen.