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Chi Exercise Machines originate from a type of passive exerciser that was invented in Japan. They are based on a principle that is utilized in several Japanese self-help health modalities, martial arts, and therapies. The principle is based on swinging the feet while a person is lying down. It may have been known in traditional Japanese health care systems for many centuries. We know for sure that it was adopted in the 1920's as part of a self-help system of healthcare - long before the idea of using a machine was thought of.

Why is swinging the feet beneficial? If you swing their feet while a person is lying down, a stimulating pulsing motion in the area just above the hips is created. If the swinging is continuous, the oscillating motion of the hips in turn causes a harmonic response of sideways motion right up through the body, all the way to the neck. This oscillation of the hips generates a gentle but dynamic wave that travels up through the spine, stimulating the nervous system, balancing energy levels and releasing tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

The idea of using a machine to generate the sideways oscillation was conceived in Japan the late 1980's. The original machine was recognised as a remedial medical device by the Japanese government. It was first marketed in America as the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. This gave rise to the generic term "chi machine", which has become the common way of referring to all products of this type in the West. Later the Sun Ancon's owners registered a US trade mark - The Chi Machine® (see below*). You can read more about the history and healthcare benefits of chi exercise machines generally at this very informative and independent website published by Beyond Stress Foundation at chimachinestory.org

* The Chi Machine® is the registered Trade Mark of Chan-Hsiung Pan and others


Wide Range of Models available - to meet all budgets

We stock a range of chi machine models so that everyone can choose a product that suits their needs and their budget. Our recommended models - the Surge of Chi Exerciser and its cousin, the FlexxiCore - feature more advanced specifications that offer an ultra-smooth ride, great performance and versatility for all age groups and fitness levels. For those looking for a more affordable product, we also stock a range of reliable lower-cost chi machines to fit everyone's budget.  

Article on Chi Exercise Machines by a best-selling Healthcare Author

by Maggie Tisserand (more info below**)
Originally published in Positive Health magazine: Issue 177 - December 2010

A Chi MachineChi exercise machines provide a form of passive exercise that stimulates the nervous system, mobilises the back and releases tension. Invented in Japan about 20 years ago, the initial design was intended to accommodate use in the home. I came across this original machine - the Sun Ancon® Chi Machine® - about 8 years ago, and was fascinated by the dynamic effect of the simple sideways movement. I purchased a Sun Ancon for personal use, and have used it regularly over the years, partly as a very pleasant antidote to the many hours I spend as a writer in front of a computer screen.

More recently I was introduced to the Surge of Chi® Exerciser; an advanced product with variable speed controls and other programming. The additional functionality of the Surge of Chi - especially the option of using a gentle starting speed - is of particular benefit to people with sensitivity of some sort or deep-seated health issues. This has allowed healthcare practitioners to use them as an adjunct to treatments in clinic, especially for clients with conditions that they feel may respond well to the gentle action of the Surge of Chi.

A member of my family, who is registered as 'legally blind' and therefore restricted in her exercise and fitness options, has a history of being overweight and lethargic; I decided to purchase a Surge of Chi for her. The results were so immediate (increased energy levels, followed by a gradual loss of body fat leading to a better body shape, and a general 'feeling of calmness') that I became even more intrigued by what happens within the body when the feet are swung in this simple way. I have a long-standing working relationship with Japan and was inspired to investigate the source of wisdom that gave rise to the invention of chi exercise machines. Read More

** About Maggie Tisserand - author of the best-selling Aromatherapy for Women and 4 other healthcare books. Read More

Practitioner trials*** of the Surge of Chi Exerciser in 2005 - 2009

Health professionals and yoga teachers confirmed many benefits including release of tension and the effects of stress, improved mobility, and increased energy levels. The feedback given by participants in the Practitioner Trial showed clearly that the Surge of Chi Exerciser benefited participants on the mental and emotional levels as well as the physical effects reported.

*** From 2005 to 2009 a series of trials on the Surge of Chi Exerciser were held with over 200 Health Professionals and Yoga Teachers.

In the 1st Phase each practitioner used the Surge of Chi Exerciser personally on a daily basis and completed a 30-day trial log as well as specific feedback on experience, perceived benefits, and the speed settings and auto programmes of the Surge of Chi Exerciser. In the 2nd Phase practitioners selected clients with specific health conditions that they hoped would respond well to regular sessions with the Surge of Chi. They then kept a log of the results which you can read about using the links below.

For a Summary of these Practitioner Trial Results, click here. A full report of the Phase 1 Trials was published in Positive Health magazine in July 2006 and another article reporting on the results of the Phase 2 Trials in November 2007.

More recently an article by Healthcare Author Maggie Tisserand was published in Positive Health November 2011 and can be read here

Case Studies from the Phase 2 Trials are available to qualified Healthcare Practioners - request by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more details of the Surge of Chi Exerciser with ordering information, please click here.

We also stock the FlexxiCore, which is a recent upgrade of the Surge of Chi Mark 2, the newly launched Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 4, the Vitality Swing (previously known as the Chi Vitalizer), the Swing Master and the Chi Swing -  a range of chi machine products with prices to match everyone's budget. Until recently we also supplied the Evergain 308DL chi machine, but it has been discontinued. y All of these great chi machines are currently on sale with big discounts.



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